National Coastwatch East Coast includes two watch stations: NCI Skegness and NCI Mablethorpe*. Our role is to watch out for your safety when you are using the sea or beach on our particular part of the shore. Our Stations are manned totally by a dedicated group of volunteers.

We are part of the National Coastwatch Institution, which is comprised of a chain of stations that circle our country’s coastline. Funding from sponsors, donors and our own fundraising activities provides the finance that keeps us ‘afloat’.

We watch out for danger, or potential problems, to:

  • commercial and recreational shipping
  • leisure craft and water sport
  • activities - (eg jet skis, dinghy’s, body boards)
  • swimmers in difficulties
  • beach users
  • lost children

In addition we have also been able to deal with:

  • the rescue of seals and birds from the beach,
  • large beached debris including munitions,
  • carcasses which we report to the authorities for removal.


It is important that we use the best methods at our disposal to help us in our watch. We use:

  • Radar,
  • AIS & NAVTEX technology,
  • Weather Display Software.

* For details of other stations on the East Coast and around the country please visit the National Coastwatch Institution - Stations Page