Our Duties

We keep a watch on the coast, monitor radio channels, use radar and provide a listening watch in poor visibility. Although a lot of surveillance is routine we are trained to act in an emergency and to call and coordinate with the specialist search and rescue services (RNLI lifeboats and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency). We provide an emergency contact point on land for both sea and shore users. We don’t only look out for the safety of those at sea but for all users of the beach and sea. Our beach becomes very busy in summer, making our job vital.

Preventative measures are important and logs of all water based activities are maintained by each watch. Weather conditions are monitored and the information available for those who wish to know whether the conditions are right to go out on the water.

This can include:

  • lost children.
  • dinghy’s blowing out to sea.
  • swimmers in difficulties,

In addition we have also been able to deal with:

  • beach injuries,
  • the rescue of seals and birds from the beach,
  • large beached debris including munitions,
  • carcasses which we report to the authorities for removal.


We began operations in March 2004 when we leased the old coastguard station at Ingoldmells Point near Skegness in Lincolnshire. We refurbished and re-equipped the building and the station was operational 7 days a week throughout the summer. By 2005 our team consisted of 25 highly trained watchkeepers.

Our fundraising efforts in 2005 allowed the station to be upgraded with the installation of Marine VHF Radios on the emergency channels, long distance Radar, new high power binoculars, ship identification and computers.

In 2008, our Ingoldmells operations moved to Winthorpe, Skegness, due to circumstances beyond our control.

In May 2009 we expanded our operations with the opening of a new station in Mablethorpe. Relocating in 2010 to a higher location at Sea View Car Park, Quebec Road after consultations with the local Coastguards

 We are are now able to offer much more advanced and extensive safety surveillance cover.

Our work has resulted in many lives being saved, making our volunteer efforts truly worthwhile. More volunteers are needed if we are to increase our opening hours in both stations to the level we wish.

More Information

You can find out more information about us on our individual station websites:

NCI Skegness

NCI Mablethorpe