Schools holidays are with us and we welcome our colleagues from the RNLI Lifeguards to their annual sojourn on Mablethorpe beach. So glad you have joined us again this year.


  • Once again, we must repeat our stern warning about the use of lilo type units or blow up toys on the sea: be wary.
  • Parents be aware that your child must be well supervised in the sea, whether paddling or trying to swim; do NOT leave them unattended because accidents happen in a flash!
  • Enjoy our beach but please do not dig too large a hole as these can be a danger.
  • Be aware of the tides. The National Coastwatch Mablethorpe QAVS Statioin on Sea View Car Park has an illuminated display showing Tide times and Wind direction, along with current wind direction and speed.
  • Watch the flags! If they are blowing in the direction of the sea DO NOT venture a lilo onto the sea as it can quickly blow away from the shore.

Tip for parents

If you have a mobile phone, take a photo of your little ones before you leave your holiday home. They are not only lovely for the album,  but if you get separated on the beach, they become an useful aid to any person looking for your youngster – so click for the album, afore you go!

Most of all – Enjoy your time spent on MABLETHORPE’s sandy beachs.

Photo © Richard Law (cc-by-sa/2.0)